Healpsorin Emollient Balm

Protects against inflammation and free radicals.

Tired of enduring skin irritation, eczema, or dermatitis?
Step into relief and healing with Healpsorin Emollient Balm - your ultimate skin therapy.

Emollient Balm is designed for people suffering from:
→ Irritated skin
→ Eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis
→ Weakened skin barrier

What Makes Up The Balm?
🧴 48% Emollients: Provides the balm's moisturizing & repairing effect, leading to softer, more supple skin.
🧴 Nature-Science Fusion: Our blend of high phytosterol ingredients strengthens your skin's tolerance to inflammation, calming and soothing.
🧴 Anti-Inflammatory Dextran: Ensures rapid absorption and provides instant relief.

Why Rely On Healpsorin?
Tailored for hypersensitive skin, our balm offers multi-level healing. Strengthen your skin barrier, soothe inflammation, and maintain moisture without steroids.

Unlock The Healing Power
With potent hydration and silky comfort, experience immediate relief and long-lasting benefits. Reclaim your skin’s resilience, enhance moisture retention, and renew your self-confidence.

Order Now
Make the wise choice for your skin's vitality today. Healpsorin Emollient Balm isn't just a solution; it's a path to wellness.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Paul Marsden (Ruislip, GB)
Best excema cream I’ve found!

Forms an invisible barrier on your skin that protects against moisture loss and promotes healing. My excema is mild, but stubborn - this cream heals as quickly as a steroid without the long term adverse effects.
Could do with a 500ml size as a 250ml lasts me about a month

Vab (Dartford, GB)
Effective but expensive

I always faced issue of very dry and flaky skin especially in winter. I have tried a lot of products, E45, Vaseline, Nivea, steroids' but nothing helped for long periods. I will use them in the morning and by afternoon my skin is already feeling dry and flaky.
Then I came across Hermz Emollient Balm and it works like wonder, I have to use only a little bit and it works for almost whole day. My skin feels much smoother and there is no more dry or flaky skin issue.
The only big drawback, the product is very expensive. A 250ml bottle costing £20 and with all the cost of living hitting all time high, getting free delivery only for orders over £75 is bit over the top.
I hope and wish that the product can become a little cheaper so that I can use it more regularly and make the delivery free.

Malachy Rice (Cookstown, GB)
Healpsorin balm

Seems to be working well so far thanks

Karen Gilbey (Cardiff, GB)
Healpsorin aka Magic in a Bottle or Tube

I have the highest regard for all the Healpsorin products that I purchase regularly. I also recommend them highly to anyone that I come across who is suffering from flaky, itchy skin and/or scalp. I have Severe MECFS. I never had any issues with my skin at all until my symptoms escalated and I eventually received a diagnosis. This disease mimics many other conditions and gives you exactly the same symptoms as if you actually had them. Now in end stage ME, the skin that covers my entire body, as well as my scalp, thinks that I have psoriasis. The balm is my very favourite! It goes on so quickly and easily and is absorbed almost instantaneously into my extremely dehydrated skin. I also find the shampoo a lifesaver!

Customer (Tranent, GB)

Healpsorin Emollient Balm

Experience rapid relief

Tailored for hypersensitive skin, Healpsorin Emollient Balm delivers soothing care. Enjoy relief without the concern of irritation.

Deeply hydrate your skin

A powerful blend of moisture-retaining ingredients, antioxidants, and Guggul Resin complex. Replenish and lock in hydration.

Light formula

Experience the silky texture enhanced by anti-inflammatory Dextran. Alleviate dry, flaky skin and stubborn flare-ups.

Instant action

Quick-absorbing and inflammation-easing. Experience localized comfort and smoother skin where you need it most.

Cure with confidence

Healpsorin Emollient Balm nourishes and regenerates, avoiding recurrence of inflammatory conditions. Your wise choice for skin's natural balance.

Order Now

Discover the soothing relief and radiant transformation with Healpsorin Emollient Balm. Nourish, regenerate, and embrace wellness for your skin. Make the wise choice for your skin's vitality today.

The wise cure for skin's thirst.

Struggling with dry, sensitive skin can be more than uncomfortable; it's a daily battle that wears on your confidence and well-being. The constant search for relief can feel overwhelming, leaving your skin still craving the nourishment it needs.

Healpsorin Emollient Balm is the wise choice that understands your skin's unique needs. With its potent hydration, silky comfort, and radiant transformation, it's not just a solution; it's a path to wellness. Embrace the soothing relief and make the wise decision for your skin's vitality today.

How to use

Week 1

Begin your journey to skin wellness by cleansing with Healpsorin Body Wash, designed to gently cleanse without irritation. Follow with the application of Healpsorin Emollient Balm to the affected areas. Feel the immediate relief as the balm starts to soothe sensitive skin, laying the foundation for healing.

Week 2

Continue with regular use of Healpsorin Emollient Balm, and you'll start to notice the nourishing effects. The combination of naturally-derived ingredients works to soothe dry and sensitive skin, providing hydration and comfort. Your skin begins to feel softer, and the appearance of soreness reduces.

Week 3

By week three, paired with gentle cleansing using Healpsorin Body Wash, the Emollient Balm helps restore natural hydration and elasticity to the skin. The antioxidant-rich complex strengthens the skin's tolerance to inflammation, and you'll see a more refined and plumper appearance.

Week 4

After a month of consistent treatment with Healpsorin Emollient Balm, your skin reaches optimal condition. The transformation is visible, with improvements in texture, hydration, and overall comfort. Continue to maintain this healthy state, trusting in the healing power of Healpsorin to restore balance and radiance.


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