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Healpsorin Cream
Jan Croucher (Hackney, GB)
Super cream

This cream is the best there is it keeps my husband’s clear from itchy dry spots wouldrecommend to everyone


Used it 3 times and my scalp is feeling better, the tiny lumps I have on head and hairline have gone down during day but have arrived back last night, gone again today , yes pleased so far .

Healpsorin Soap
Tosin Alade (Edinburgh, GB)

Healpsorin Soap

Healpsorin Soothe & Protect Set
Carys Kinnaird (Liverpool, GB)

This product has no harsh chemicals, my skin feels smooth and hydrated.

Healpsorin Cream
Julie Amos (Winchester, GB)

This has helped alot

Healpsorin Scalp and Hair Set
Rachel Curtis (Wandsworth, GB)
The Only Thing That's Worked

If you suffer from Psoriasis on your scalp then invest in this Shampoo and Conditioner. It is truly incredible how quickly it works and i can't get through winter without it!

Unsure still just now…

I’m a few weeks in to washing my hair with healsporin, and I’m still unsure just now. I get, sometimes chronic, itching at the back of my head. I’m taking my time with washing, letting it sit for a bit and making sure it’s all washed out, the non itching lasts for about a day and then comes back. I don’t think it’s as bad so I will continue to try different ways of doing it but not as instant as I’d hoped!

Healpsorin Scalp and Hair Set
Shez (Liverpool, GB)
Took a while to arrive!

There was a delay in the delivery but now it’s here I’m hoping to start to feel better.
Need to give it chance but hair does feel lovely and silky - just hoping it works on the eczema!

Healpsorin Emollient Balm
Vab (Dartford, GB)
Effective but expensive

I always faced issue of very dry and flaky skin especially in winter. I have tried a lot of products, E45, Vaseline, Nivea, steroids' but nothing helped for long periods. I will use them in the morning and by afternoon my skin is already feeling dry and flaky.
Then I came across Hermz Emollient Balm and it works like wonder, I have to use only a little bit and it works for almost whole day. My skin feels much smoother and there is no more dry or flaky skin issue.
The only big drawback, the product is very expensive. A 250ml bottle costing £20 and with all the cost of living hitting all time high, getting free delivery only for orders over £75 is bit over the top.
I hope and wish that the product can become a little cheaper so that I can use it more regularly and make the delivery free.

Healpsorin Body Wash
Jinty (Glasgow, GB)

This is a Go To item. Lovely to use and does what it says on the bottle.

Healpsorin Shampoo
L.K. (Woking, GB)
Really poor

I have used this for over a month and my scalp is sip my the worse it has ever been, even new patches of psoriasis have erupted

Healpsorin Cream
Diane Potts (Manchester, GB)
Skin relief

I have used Healpsorin products before, and have always been happy with the results.

Healpsorin Cream
philip morris (Rotherham, GB)
Healsporin cream

Excellent product

Seems to work but early days yet

Healpsorin Conditioner
Doreen (Northampton, GB)
Conditioner which really works

My hair had become really thin and was breaking. Since using Healpsorin Conditioner I have seen a real improvement in my scalp with a patch of eczema or psoriasis shrinking in area until it has almost disappeared. My hair has stopped breaking and is feeling thicker.

Healpsorin Scalp and Hair Set
Richard Williams (Wirral, GB)
Healsporin hair and scalp

I have now used the shampoo on a daily basis for two weeks and noticed a big difference in my scalp and hair not flaking especially behind my ears which is my problem area.
I have only used the conditioner twice as leaving it on for a length of time is not practical for me.
The shampoo leaves my hair feeling in good condition and manageable.

Healpsorin Scalp and Hair Set
Marion Witton (Finchley, GB)
My hair looks great

So many people have asked what I have done to my hair since I started using the shampoo and conditioner as it looks so great. Sadly my scalp is still itchy so it hasn’t yet improved that but I’ll give it more time. What has worked was the free sample of the Healpsorin cream on my skin so I ordered the tube.

Healpsorin Scalp and Hair Set
Rosy Oxberry (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
The conditioner wont come out of the hard plastic container.

The conditioner wont easily come out of the hard container.I have given up on it..
Maybe I have received a bad bottle

Healpsorin Scalp and Hair Set
Anca Ciobanu (Manchester, GB)
Smooth hair

Leaves the hair very smooth , however I don’t have psoriasis I just have dry scalp which turns into dandruff. The shampoo didn’t helped

Magic in a bottle.

Sorry i dont have a before photo. This shampoo and conditioner has worked wonders for my scalp. I have had spots on scalp for 5 years coming and going no sooner one lot have dissappeared. Dr gave me antibiotics and scalp lotion, did not work. I have only been using this shampoo and conditioner maybe just over a month or so.

Healpsorin Body Wash
Zsuzsanna Kovacs

Smells really nice and reduced the dry itchiness of my skin

Did not work for me

Did not work for me

Did not work for me.