4-Step HairLXR Set

Revitalise your hair with the HairLXR 4-Step Set, designed to combat thinning, fallout, and hair loss whilst encouraging robust growth and vitality.

Key Benefits

Stimulates Scalp Microcirculation: Engineered to enhance blood flow to hair follicles, laying the groundwork for robust growth.

Optimal Scalp Health: Balances the scalp's microbiome to create an ideal environment for hair vitality.

Visible Hair Strengthening: Infused with Arginine, Vitamin B5, and stem cells to reduce hair loss and fortify strands.


Arginine: An amino acid that plays a crucial role in hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp.

Vitamin B5: Hydrates and nourishes the scalp and hair, contributing to increased resilience.

Stem Cells: Accelerate natural hair growth and provide a robust foundation for new strands.

Why Choose the HairLXR 4-Step Set?

This regimen aims to not only improve the condition of your hair but also enhance its volume, resilience, and shine. It's a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking healthier, fuller, and more manageable hair.

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My experience with Hairlxr

Today I finished this great set and have to say that it was one of few that I liked every time I used it. Here's a man's experience. Used it 3-4 times a week and every time I really enjoyed it. It has a minty scent and feels very fresh and cool. My hair and scalp were feeling amazing! It even helped me to get rid of dandruff - I used to have - periodically - some sort of very small pieced dandruff and it was very annoying especially when treating my hair with some fixing wax. Value for money - well, a bit more expensive than usual shampoos and whatever else but I say it is worth. At least, for me it worked very well, I had a great experience and would buy this one more time.


My opinion

I haven't been using it long enough to comment on hair growth, but I already love it either way! I stopped colouring my hair 2-3yrs ago, so some of it is still damaged by hair dye. I've been struggling for years trying to improve the condition and spent loads of money on various conditioners and masks. Once I started using this hairlxr set I was amazed! My hair feels so nice, soft and smooth it's unbelievable! It almost feels like normal shampoo/conditioners leave a layer of something on your hair in the attempt to make it appear shiny. Now it's like that layer has been stripped and my hair is getting properly nourished! For the first time in years I can brush with no issues! I wish it was available in bigger size!


Problem solved

I was always proud of my very thick dense and long hair, which i flaunted throughout my life. But ever since we moved to other country i experienced huge hair fall problem. Nearly 50% of my hair fell off. Tried different hair products product and vitamins from supermarkets, with no much luck. But i was fortunate enough to find this product on FB. This set surprised me from the very first use. Now my hair looks lot more healthy and hair fall is reduced as well. The hair fall problem is better manageable now, having the baby hair popping out. I loved this set so much, that i am going to use this forever.

Embrace hair's potential with the architecture of volume and health.

Transform your hair journey

Start your hair rescue journey with HairLXR's 4-Step set. Boost healthy regrowth, minimise hair loss, and reveal full-bodied, conditioned locks.

Balance your scalp's health

Hairlxr works to balance the scalp's microbiome, fostering a healthy environment for growth. Feel the difference in hydration and softness.

Your daily dose of hair health

Easy to incorporate and suitable for all hair types, HairLXR's routine revitalises your hair, promoting healthy growth without split ends.

All hair types welcome

Whether damaged or compromised, HairLXR's protective polymers rebuild and reinforce your hair. Experience the transformation today.

Invest in your hair's future

Invest in HairLXR's 4-Step routine for revitalised hair that withstands life's challenges. Consistency is key to nourished, hydrated, and soft hair.

Transform your hair care routine – experience the power of four!

Order Now

Struggling with hair loss and lack of volume? HairLXR Set is your answer. This high-performance set works consistently to revitalise and strengthen your hair, improving microcirculation and fostering a healthy scalp environment. With ingredients like Grape Stem Cells and Arginine, it's proven to reduce hair loss and stimulate healthy growth. Easy to incorporate into your daily routine and suitable for sensitive scalps, Hairlxr is the investment your hair deserves. Take control of your hair's destiny and start your hair rescue journey now.

How to use

Week 1

Start your journey to healthier hair by thoroughly wetting your hair with warm water. Apply HairLXR Shampoo, massaging from roots to ends, and rinse. Follow with HairLXR Peeling Shampoo, focusing on circular motions to boost microcirculation. Rinse and apply HairLXR Conditioner, massaging it in before rinsing. Finish with HairLXR Serum, massaging evenly into your scalp without rinsing. Repeat daily. This week initiates the process, cleansing and preparing the scalp for growth.

Week 2

Continue the daily routine as in Week 1. The consistent use of the 4-Step Set begins to strengthen the hair follicles, reinforcing the hair and protecting it from external damage. You may start to notice improved texture and reduced hair fall.

Week 3

Maintain the daily routine. This week focuses on nourishing the scalp and hair, fostering a healthy environment for growth. The ingredients work synergistically to hydrate, fortify, and stimulate the scalp, promoting the conditions for healthy hair growth.

Week 4

Continue with the daily routine. By now, your hair should look visibly vibrant, shiny, and manageable. The scalp's microcirculation is improved, and the hair is resilient to damaging factors. This is not the end but a significant milestone in your hair rescue journey. Continue using the HairLXR 4-Step Set beyond this week for ongoing maintenance and further improvement.

Hair growth is a gradual process, and while the HairLXR 4-Step Set is designed to create the optimal environment for hair growth, significant new growth may take longer than 4 weeks. Consistency is key, and continued use of the set will contribute to achieving the full potential of your hair. Enjoy the transformation and embrace the journey to more beautiful, healthy hair with HairLXR.

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Ruth Chadd (Worcester, GB)

If you have psoriasis or eczema and also itch scalp then this is the product for you. It really is well worth the money you do get free shipment but only over £80 and I feel this is a bit steep in our present climate and that it should be £50 however it is still a fabulous product.

Veronica Evans (Basingstoke, GB)
It works

I tried the Hermz shampoo and conditioner, it worked well but when I tried the Hair LXR peeling shampoo, what a difference ot makes. Works brilliantly, glad I found it.

Gabby Freeman (Birmingham, GB)

I love the shampoo and conditioner, my hair feels amazing using this. Would definitely recommend

Joanna Tlusciak (Southwark, GB)

4-Step HairLXR Set

Judith Lee (Ellesmere Port, GB)

My hair feels much softer and thicker the itching on my scalp is much better.


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