Healpsorin Baby Balm

Healpsorin Baby Balm offers targeted relief for sensitive skin, benefiting both babies and mothers. It soothes irritation, moisturises, and fortifies the skin's natural barrier.

Key Benefits

Intense Hydration: Moisturises dry skin and reduces sebum production for balanced skin health.

Immediate Relief: Loosens scales and flakes on the scalp, providing rapid relief to sore and irritated skin.

Barrier Reinforcement: Promotes optimal skin barrier function to prevent recurrence of symptoms.


Ceramides: A unique blend that reinforces your baby's natural protective lipid barrier.

Comfrey Root: Speeds up the shedding of dead skin cells and heals broken skin.

Prebiotics: Specially formulated to repair and protect your baby's delicate skin barrier.

Why Choose Healpsorin Baby Balm?

Expertly formulated for sensitive skin, this balm addresses atopic dermatitis, itching, and irritation while providing hydration and protection. It's vegan, non-comedogenic, and cruelty-free—a conscientious choice for your family.

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Works wonders!

Used this product from the day my baby was born she’s now 4months old, absolutely brilliant for new baby’s skin especially when there new and dry! Best to use when just got out the bath and they are damp rub it in to dry works wonders!! I swear by this balm also works well for me too.


It helped us

Absolutely love this product! I originally bought it to help with my sons cradle cap when he was around three months old. It worked a treat within days and I’ve been using it ever since (he’s now almost nine months) Lovely natural smell. Also great for scratches!


Could not recommend higher

Our little boy had really painful, itchy, cracked red skin. We asked around the good product and were recommended this balm. After three weeks of using this (along with the emulsion), his skin is all cleared up. Could not recommend higher.

Healthy skin solution for babies and mothers.

Protect and nourish delicate skin

A gentle blend designed to shield and moisturise sensitive skin, reducing irritation and dryness, leaving the skin soft, healthy, and comfortable for babies and mothers.

Bye-bye itchiness

With key ingredients like Comfrey Root, this balm alleviates itching and atopic dermatitis, promoting a soothing sensation and a more resilient skin barrier.

Strengthen skin's natural defences

Containing ceramides, this balm reinforces the skin's natural protective lipid barrier, supporting healthy new skin cells and preventing moisture loss.

Gentle care for sensitive needs

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this balm provides hydration and reduces inflammation, making it a perfect choice for both babies and mothers.

A family solution for healthy skin

With the infusion of nurturing prebiotics, this balm fosters a balanced skin environment, ensuring a soft, smooth, and vibrant complexion for babies, mothers, and family members of all ages.

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As a mother, you know that an irritated baby means restless nights and stressful days. Our specially formulated balm is here to ease not just your baby's discomfort from itching and atopic dermatitis but also your worry. It's more than a skincare product; it's a loving solution that gives you back the precious moments of joy with your little one. Let your baby's smile be the testament to healthy skin. Transform those tears into giggles.

How to use

Week 1

Start by applying a small amount of balm to your baby's affected areas after bath time, gently massaging it into the skin. For mothers, apply the balm to your own skin as needed. Observe how the skin responds, gradually increasing the amount as needed.

Week 2

Continue the daily application for both baby and mum. Gently comb through any dried skin or irritation to help remove it. You'll start to see a reduction in redness and discomfort as the week progresses.

Week 3

Maintain the daily routine, focusing on the most irritated areas. The symptoms of itching, atopic dermatitis, and irritation should be noticeably reduced, and the skin begins to restore its natural balance.

Week 4

Keep applying the balm daily. Consistent use helps in maintaining a healthy skin barrier, preventing future flare-ups. Beyond the fourth week, continue to use as part of your regular skincare routine for ongoing protection and comfort.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Valerie Mullan Mullan (Haywards Heath, GB)
It’s very nice

Nice and soothing to use. Nice gentle scent . It has had no real input into healing my psoriasis but then, that is not what it is made for. A pleasing product .

Yuliya Salazar (North Shields, GB)

Healpsorin Baby Balm

For my daughter's eczema this product is magical

My Daughter has had Eczema since she was 3 months old. I tried every cream you could imagine, I must have spent a small fortune. The doctors also kept prescribing her creams but they just seemed to make it worse. Healpsorin Baby has been the only cbalm that actually works! Its been amazing for her skin and so easily absorbed (no stickiness) I do cream her twice a day, morning and bedtime after her bath. In addition I use the Healpsorin Baby emulsion in her bath and nothing else, this has also made a huge difference (no more oily residue left in the bath tub from other product) I bath her everyday in a luke warm bath around 35 degrees. I hope this information will help other babies out there as I know how distressing eczema can be for babies and mums.

Works wonders!

Used this product from the day my baby was born she’s now 4months old, absolutely brilliant for new baby’s skin especially when there new and dry! Best to use when just got out the bath and they are damp rub it in to dry works wonders!! I swear by this balm also works well for me too


This is the best cream I have found for my son's eczema - it really works better than all the other balms I have tried.


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