Healpsorin Baby Oil

Healpsorin Baby Oil is a lifesaver for busy moms on the go. Its mess-free, easy-to-use bottle design ensures quick application without spills or leaks.

Key Benefits

Long-lasting Hydration: Locks in moisture to keep your baby's skin soft and hydrated.

Barrier Reinforcement: Strengthens the skin's natural lipid barrier for enhanced protection.

Skin & Scalp Relief: Soothes common irritations like cradle cap and dry skin.


Linseed: Soothes redness and flakiness, preserving skin elasticity and firmness.

Sweet Almond: Prevents dryness and soothes inflammation for a moisturised, smooth scalp.

Watermelon: Rich in omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants to maintain skin elasticity.

Squalene: Protects against moisture loss, improves skin structure, and mimics the skin's own lipids.

Why Choose Healpsorin Baby Oil?

For parents seeking more than just a moisturiser, Healpsorin Baby Oil offers a comprehensive approach to infant skin health. This oil not only hydrates but also fortifies and soothes, making it a multi-dimensional skincare solution for your baby.

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This body oil is amazing!

This body oil is amazing! My little ones skin is so so so much better after two weeks of using. His skin had gone from rough and dry to smooth, his skin feels so much better it’s not as angry and isn’t spreading anymore. This has worked wonders unlike other oils.


Opinion about this oil

We use also the emulsion. Having tried so many other “eczema wonder cures” I was a little sceptical but this is absolutely brilliant. It has cleared my 2 year old sons eczema up almost completely and finally we have stopped using his steroid cream. I will buy it again of course.


We use it ❤️

My newborn loves this oil because it is not heavy on the skin to absorb. Perfect for massaging the baby or after bath to prevent dry skin. Don't even need to use much, at a time.

Time-saving baby relief for active mothers.

Hassle-free baby care

Easily nourish your baby's skin with our quick-absorbing gel formula. Perfect for busy moms, it offers instant relief from dryness and irritation.

No more dry skin

Our unique blend of natural oils tackles dry, flaky skin head-on. The fast-absorbing formula ensures your baby feels comfortable all day long.

Gentle yet effective

Specially formulated for delicate baby skin, our oil provides soothing relief for dermatitis and cradle cap, without any harsh chemicals.

Long-lasting hydration

Lock in moisture and strengthen your baby's natural skin barrier. Our oil keeps your little one's skin hydrated and healthy for hours.

Mom-approved convenience

The easy-application bottle means no spills or messes, making it the ideal choice for moms on the go. Keep your baby's skin soft anytime, anywhere.

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Don't let your busy schedule compromise your baby's skin health. With our Healpsorin Baby Oil, you get the perfect blend of convenience and care. Its fast-absorbing gel formula tackles dry, flaky skin while providing long-lasting hydration. Plus, the easy-application bottle ensures a mess-free experience. Give your baby the soothing relief they deserve, and make your life as a mom a little easier.

How to use

Week 1

Start by applying a small amount of Healpsorin Baby Oil after your baby's bath to lock in moisture. The easy-application bottle ensures a mess-free experience, perfect for busy moms. Use daily for the first week to establish a routine.

Week 2

By the second week, you should start noticing improvements in your baby's skin texture. Continue daily application, focusing on dry or flaky areas. For enhanced results, consider using Healpsorin Baby Balm on particularly stubborn spots.

Week 3

By now, your baby's skin should be showing significant improvement. You can start applying the oil every other day. If you're on the go, the easy-application bottle makes it convenient to keep your baby's skin hydrated.

Week 4

You've made it to the maintenance phase! Continue your every-other-day routine, adjusting the frequency based on your baby's needs. For comprehensive care, consider incorporating Healpsorin Baby Balm for any persistent dry areas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Works well but

This works absolutely but for a child with African-Caribbean hair the draw back is because of the tight curls the oil residue attracts all manner of debris

This absolutely is heaven sent

I have severe eczema and unfortunately my daughter inherited this from me she had it on her scalp and this helped tremendously
Highly recommended

Love it xx

First I used this for me and my son through winter. Now we are using it mainly for my hands, his cheeks and mouth area and bottom. It's the only product so far that's actually helped. Yep it leaves a relief on his face

Nice too skin

I use this for myself regularly. It is soothing and protecting.
Like all hermz products it is full of honest plant products.
Very effecrive product. I also bought it for my little sister

Great results

This is the best baby product I've ever used. It makes my daughters body feel so soft and smells so good!
Natural product with great results


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