Healpsorin Body Set

Eradicate the relentless itch and irritation that keeps you up at night with our Body Set, designed to shift your skin from a state of distress to lasting comfort and health.

Key Benefits

Deep Hydration: Provides lasting moisture to combat dryness and flakiness, enhancing skin's natural texture.

Anti-Inflammatory Action: Rich in properties that alleviate itching and irritation, fortifying your skin's natural defenses.

Immediate Comfort: Offers instant relief from soreness and discomfort associated with dry and sensitive skin conditions.


Decalact: Highly effective against microorganisms causing skin conditions, fostering a healthy skin microbiome.

Arnica Montana: Strengthens the skin's barrier and offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

Sea Buckthorn Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, it soothes irritation and redness.

Why Choose Healpsorin Body Set?

This dual-action formula of cream and body wash works in synergy to manage symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin while providing deep and lasting hydration.

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Good set

After illness and surgery I came out in an itchy and irritated skin where my bra strap fits. I tried one anti itch cream, then another one- no success. This shower gel has helped a lot with the treatment of this stubborn itchiness. I smoothed some over the affected area before a shower and just left it for a couple of minutes first. Then I apply cream on these affected areas. I would recommend the set.


Me and my hubby :)

I use these products at the end of the day and after work outs. The scent from the body wash is amazing and I'm convinced it works well in calming my flaky skin. My husband also uses this shower gel so completely unisex - saves buying two different products! Cream is also great.


I recommend body wash and cream

I liked the way the cream was easily and quickly absorbed. It has greatly reduced the dead flaky skin and the amount of itching. The skin underneath has started to recover and is a more normal colour.I recommend body wash and cream.

Dual-action system designed to bring comfort to your daily life.

Unlock profound skin hydration

Unlock profound nourishment with the Healpsorin Body Set, meticulously crafted to penetrate deep, transforming parched skin into a state of perfect hydration.

Break free from Itch

Break free from the relentless itch of eczema or psoriasis with our powerful dual-action formula. Healpsorin Cream and Body Wash offer a comprehensive approach to skin comfort.

Enhance natural skin defences

Enhance your skin's natural defences with Healpsorin Body Set. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it builds a protective shield, fortifying against flare-ups and external aggressors.

Embrace tranquillity and ease

Embrace tranquillity with Healpsorin Body Set, expertly designed to manage skin conditions and alleviate constant discomfort. Say farewell to irritation and welcome a life of ease.

Pathway to resilient skin

Trust in the intelligent design of Healpsorin Body Set, a solution that not only targets but nurtures. It's more than a product; it's a pathway to resilient, revitalised skin.

Order Now

Your skin deserves the best, and the Healpsorin Body Set is here to deliver. Combining the power of our cream and body wash, this set is your key to unlocking healthier, more vibrant skin. Say goodbye to flakiness and irritation, and hello to a new era of skin confidence. Order now and take the first step towards a transformative skincare experience.

How to use

Week 1

Begin your journey with the Healpsorin Body Wash during your daily shower or bath. Massage gently onto your skin and rinse. Follow by applying the Healpsorin Cream to affected areas, allowing it to absorb. Feel the initial comfort as your skin starts to respond.

Week 2

Continue the daily routine with both the Body Wash and Cream. Notice the deep nourishment as dryness and flakiness begin to reduce. Your skin starts to feel more supple and hydrated.

Week 3

Persist with the daily application of the Body Wash and Cream. Experience the strengthening of your skin's natural barrier, enhancing protection against further discomfort. The soothing properties alleviate irritation, leading to a more comfortable skin experience.

Week 4

By now, the consistent use of the Healpsorin Body Set has transformed your skin. Maintain this routine to keep enjoying the benefits. Your skin feels soft, smooth, and free from the constant itch or irritation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Valerie Mullan Mullan (Haywards Heath, GB)
Still early days, on the fence at the moment

Haven’t been able to use it much as I am really disabled and rely on carer to shower me and wash my hair. Reasonably ok so far but I am hoping there will be positive results soon

Debbie Neal (Coalville, GB)
Definite improvement

I have suffered from skin peeling on my hands for at least 16 years and have tried every treatment possible. I have now tried the Healsporin body set and have to admit there has been a definite improvement but as I am only two weeks into using the products, am still having patches of dryness appearing but not as severe. I am hoping this is the magic product I have been awaiting all these years!

Its a good stuff

This lives up to its description and really is an excellent nourishing body wash and cream for dry skin as mine is.
It has a delicate fragrance which is suitable for either male or females.
You do not need to a lot so this will provide an economical purchase.

Wow I love this stuff!!

Wow I love this stuff!! I buy these regularly as I love those so much. The actual products smell so so clean and it fed wonders for my skin. I recommend this set

Great job

I swear by this stuff for my eczema. It’s the only thing that even makes a little bit of difference (I’d say it’s reduced it by 90%). I use this plus the body balm, I find using all three products the most effective. The only thing is that it isnt cheap. The scent is nice and the product does the job so who cares!


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